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It's possible​ to feel hopeful about your future again. It's possible to find a place of acceptance within yourself and with the world around you. I know it's possible because I've witnessed it with my clients and I've experienced it myself. I specialize in treating clients with intense emotion dysregulation. I’ve witnessed clients who are chronically suicidal, multidiagnostic or otherwise labeled, “difficult to treat,” gain control over their thoughts, behaviors and intense emotional reactions and go on to rebuild their relationships and reconnect with the world. It's time for the suffering to end. I can help. 

Acuity Mental Health offers a wide variety of therapeutic interventions including individual and group psychotherapy. Charmagne Westcott, LPC, NCC, has 20 years experience providing mental health services to a diverse group of individuals. She has a strong reputation as a compassionate, results-oriented therapist and engaging, informative group facilitator and speaker.   

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